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LDNY The Next Big Bite: The Media’s Influence on What We Eat, Drink & Crave in 2017

the-next-big-bite-logoIt’s not even Thanksgiving, but as we look forward to the onset of winter, we can also look ahead to 2017, and anticipate what the New Year will bring us.

To that end, Les Dames d’Escoffier New York again presented experts to prognosticate about food and drink trends in the year to come.

The audience was treated to commentary and a panel discussion moderated by Martha Teichner, correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning. Participants included Carla Hall, Co-host of ABC’s The Chew and owner of Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen restaurant; Kate Krader, Food Editor at Bloomberg Pursuits; and Talia Baiocchi, Editor-in-Chief of Punch, an online magazine about wine, spirits and cocktails.


The presentation kicked off with a robust discussion of what constitutes trends, versus fads, and how they are picked up, or not, as well as the importance of authenticity in today’s food world. They then discussed how they personally research and learn about trends, and the importance of journalists’ conveying and challenging authenticity in the food we eat and the restaurants we patronize.


Summing up the Top Ten Trends for 2017:


Authenticity and the existence of a story behind the food or drink matters


Fermented food and drink, such as the bases of the new cocktail movement


The drinks movement toward low alcohol beverages with abundant flavors


Hybrid cooking: elements of great food from everywhere coming together


Peripatetic chefs make previously unknown dining destinations now the places to dine


The focus on Terroir, a sense of the chefs’ heritage


Nostalgia and time travel, recreating the past


A simpler America, both in the food and in the ambience


Taking a page from major global cities as international flavors are incorporated into new dishes


To experience this lively conversation in delicious detail, visit Heritage Radio:

To learn more about Les Dames d’Escoffier New York and to read the full press release about the event, go to .

And, come to to read about the umbrella organization, Les Dames d’Escoffier International (with 37 Chapters in four countries and over 2200 members).ldny-logo

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2 thoughts on “LDNY The Next Big Bite: The Media’s Influence on What We Eat, Drink & Crave in 2017

  1. Interesting predictions.

    I am doing my share regarding fermentation – wine and occasionally in the summer beer.

    I am glad that chefs will continue to experiment with food from different cultures.

    I hope chefs will pay more attention to flavor than making food look good – and occasionally silly.

    Authenticity is hdifficult because our eating habits have changed. Chefs cannot cook like 100 years ago. Remember that the Quenelles de brochet were made with suet.

    I wish for less wording on menus but I don’t have to know the name of the cow and the address of the farmer.

    I have nostalgia for true and tried good cooking from scratch, especially old fashioned French food. What happened to calf’s liver, sweetbreads, kidneys?

    Good simple Amarican food such as a plain roast or well preparded vegetables?

    Peripatetic chefs are forced to unkown places because of high rent.

    Thanks to Les Dames for their interest in Gastronomy. I hope the predicted trends will materialize.

  2. Thank you, Arno!

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