Named for things that please me (“me gusta” in Spanish) and rhymes with balabusta (Yiddish for “good homemaker”).

Halloween Special: Top Ten Creepy Edibles is all about fun experiences which happen to involve food.

But it’s Halloween, the one time of the year to dwell on scary things, and actually have fun doing it.

So, in celebration of the holiday, here are Mary Ellen’s Top Ten Creepy Edibles: Not tripe, chicken feet, duck tongue or pig intestines, but the Real Hard Core.

Add a comment with the foods that make YOUR skin crawl!

1 Macaroni and Frankenstein-cheese-product pizza – exponentially worse on a bad crust.

2 Chalazas. These are the disgusting white connective membranes in eggs which hold the yolk in place and can show up in things like pancakes if the eggs are not properly beaten.

3 The witch’s cauldron boiling oil they pour over dishes depicted in Red Lobster and Olive Garden ads.

4 Wild mushrooms other than the foolproof two, or four, or five, depending on who has done the picking. No kidding around on this one, even some “experts” have had their last meal this way.

5 Cloudy “mineral water” for sale on the street in third world countries.  And seeing tourists drinking it.

6 Similarly, ice cubes on the former Northwest Airlines after getting one with a baby carrot inside. Worse, their customer service
didn’t seem to understand what the problem was.

7 An Icelandic nightmare: A “cake” constructed from mayonnaise and wonder bread, room temperature, of course.

8 That yellow grease they offer for movie popcorn, sometimes labeled “golden showers”.

9 Most corporate recipes ghoulishly concocted to use several of their products. One scary “dessert” stands out in memory:  Instant pistachio pudding, Cool Whip, lime jello.

10 Fermented tea leaves in Myanmar, a snack, not the basis of a beverage. In addition to having seen this in the market (flies
a-swarming) it looks like, well, rotten tea leaves.

I cannot wait to see more from my readers!

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One thought on “Halloween Special: Top Ten Creepy Edibles

  1. My personal scary food is okra. If it’s deep fried it’s ok, but that doesn’t count. You can deep fry an old shoe, and it will taste ok. Okra prepared any other way has the consistency of a runny nose. Eew!

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